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Strategic Planning

Effective strategic planning must involve and consider every level of the organization. From top-level concepts that create unity and innovation, to the everyday operations that support future goals - the vision, management strategies, and action plans of your organization are essential.

AAL facilitates a strategic planning process that supports the implementation of leadership and organizational development. AAL’s planning process includes defining the vision, mission, values, competencies, and long and short-term goals for an effective management plan. All of AAL’s strategic planning engagements begin with a preliminary assessment and environmental scan. AAL uses this information to help the strategic planning team understand how to best achieve the desired goals. This process emphasizes transparency and promotes organizational development for all stakeholders, including administration, staff, students, patients, and the local community.

Additionally, AAL also partners with AchieveIt, a leader in cloud-based management, to provide a real-time solution to visualizing and executing your strategic planning efforts. Click here to download a free white paper the Executive Guide to Goal Setting.

For more information on how AAL can assist your institution with your strategic planning, please contact AAL Vice President, Dr. Tobias Rodriguez.