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ADEA/Colgate/AAL Institute
for Allied Health Educators

The IAHE offers a convenient, collaborative, and cutting-edge series of interactive online courses for full- and part-time educators, and private practitioners embarking on a new career in academia.

IAHE Overview


The Institute for Advancing Higher Education (IAHE) program offers independent courses. Every live presentation is recorded and archived, so even if you miss a broadcast, you can view the slides and hear the instructor's commentary and Q&A with participants at your convenience. You will be invited to participate in online discussions between sessions with the instructors and your colleagues, and you can submit questions to the instructors at any time during the program. All archived sessions, readings, and assignments also will be available for a period of time to give you maximum flexibility, convenience, and opportunity to learn.

Upcoming 2018 Online Programs:

"AWESOME program!! This program has helped me go to the next level of teaching!! The ADEA/AAL IAHE course on 'Advances in Educational Methods for Allied Health Educators' has forever changed the way I teach in the dental hygiene classroom. Using the flipped classroom approach has allowed me to become more creative and inventive in all of my course designs. After taking your online program, I completely changed all my courses with this model in mind. The pressure I once felt about trying to race through endless amounts of material is gone. We actually get to focus on case studies, problem solving, and hands on assignments in groups, pairs, or all together, which is so much more alive and active! I was able to see first hand how to approach and design a course of my own. I have become so empowered by this method that I have taught 3 of my colleagues within the DH program how to incorporate and 'try' this style of teaching. One of my colleagues in fact, tried this method half way through her Nutrition course and saw such a HUGE difference in her classroom. She loved that the class was actively engaged in learning and felt it was so much more fun than lecturing. Thank you so much for putting these OUTSTANDING programs together—they are life changing!"

Stephanie Zarse, MSDH, Associate Professor, Springfield Technical Community College Dental Hygiene Program 

 "As a new educator, I have found the ADEA/AAL IAHE courses to be a fantastic way to collaborate with other educators and learn from wide perspectives. The online course was so smooth and user friendly, I can't wait to take more!" 

Kris Dowling, RDHAP, BA, Dental Hygiene Instructor, Cabrillo College 

 "I truly appreciate this resource. Despite being an educator and program director for over 15 years, I learned excellent methodologies and techniques to improve my ability to provide the best education possible to my students. Interaction with other educators in a discussion forum setting and receiving feedback from those peers was invaluable!"

Shelly Feiwell, CDA, EFDA, EFDA Education Director, Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine 

 "This course provides the faculty with very useful tools in the teaching-learning process, especially in areas related to technological advances. I recommend it to all my colleagues.The instructors have been very professionals and have proven commitment. They were successful in maintaining communication and feedback with the virtual classmates."

Aslin M. Gonzalez-Pena, Associate Professor, University of Puerto Rico, School of Health Professions 

 "This was my first online course and it exceeded my expectations! You have set the bar high for any future courses I take!"

Erin Boyleston, RDH, MS, Assistant Professor, Georgia Regents University, College of Allied Health Sciences, Department of Dental Hygiene 

“The programs that are presented by the Institute for Allied Health Educators are outstanding. I have learned valuable information, not only from the presenters, but from the other participants, as well. I appreciate the fact that allied health educators are so eager to share and are willing to help each other. This is my second program, but it definitely isn't my last. Thank you for the opportunity to participate.”

Deborah Kirts Thomason, RDH, MSEd, Director/Instructor, Lake Land College 

 “If you want effective crash courses in contemporary teaching methods and technologies, without the time and expense of more graduate degrees, look no further than ADEA/AAL Institute for Allied Health Educators. Outstanding information with practical value!”

Russell W Cyphers, DDS, FAGD, Clinical Care Coordinator, Midwestern University





Russell W Cyphers, DDS, FAGD

Midwestern University

"If you want effective crash courses in contemporary teaching methods and technologies, without the time and expense of more graduate degrees, look no further."